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Hatch Talks Education Improvements During Knoxville Meet & Greet

Posted: Saturday, August 30th, 2014 at 5:58 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS News-Tony Correa


It was an enthusiastic crowd the met Democratic Candidate for Governor Jack Hatch in Knoxville Thursday.

During a meet and greet with House District 28 candidate Megan Suhr, Hatch explained what he feels needs to be done to improve education in the state and how incumbent Governor Terry Branstad has been against those improvements.

“The governor tried to eliminate early childhood education, an initiative that was started under Vilsack and continued under Culver. And the first two years, he tried to get rid of it. We wouldn’t let that happen in the Democratic Senate and I think we should have universal early childhood education.”

Hatch spoke with voters about his jobs program, middle-class tax cuts, and education, among other topics. He also shared his support of House District 28 candidate Megan Suhr.

“Megan is just an exciting candidate and would be such an asset to the legislature. She’s thoughtful. She’s approachable. She’s not afraid to defend her positions.”

A recent unscientific poll on our website shows Hatch leading incumbent Governor Terry Brandstad 51% to 49%. More on Hatch’s visit to Knoxville can be heard on Tuesday’s Let’s Talk Knoxville.