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Lasoski Takes Night 1 Of 360 Nationals

Posted: Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 5:59 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS SPorts-Derek Cardwell


Danny Lasoski just wanted to see if the Mark Burch one-M would stack up to the competition. Consider it a rousing success as Lasoski used his patented bottom racing grove and won going away leading all 20 laps to take night one of the 25th Annual Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals at the Knoxville Raceway last night. Lasoski’s time trial was not his best but the rest of the night went his way winning his heat and the A-Main. Lasoski told KNIA/KRLS Sports his car-owner Mark Burch never gave up after a slow start. A-S-C-S points leader Aaron Reutzel was second with Casey Friedrichsen in third place. After night one, Clint Garner, who was quick time in time trials leads the points with Reutzel in second followed by Lasoski, Calvin Landis, and Tony Bruce Jr completing the top five. The remainder of the entrants will qualify tonight. You can hear the call on AM 1320 and 95.3 KNIA starting at five with Live Track Side and Race Night’s Live at seven. Derek Cardwell, KNIA/KRLS Sports.


Photo: Danny Lasoski (middle), Aaron Reutzel (left), Casey Friedrichsen (right)

A-Main Finish
1. 1M Danny Lasoski Dover, MO
2. 87 Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX
3. 20 Casey Friedrichsen Arthur, IA
4. 10 Calvin Landis Knoxville, IA
5. 40 Clint Garner Sioux Falls, SD
6. 96 Bronson Maeschen Pleasantville, IA
7. 18 Tony Bruce Jr. Owasso, OK
8. 3A Billy Alley Bennet, NE
9. 29 Russ Hall Pleasant Hill, IA
10. 18R Ryan Roberts Aurora, NE
11. 17W Bryan Clauson Noblesville, IN
12. 2M Matt Moro Polk City, IA
13. 4 Jon Agan Knoxville, IA
14. 53 Joe Beaver Knoxville, IA
15. 5J Jamie Ball Knoxville, IA
16. 1 Justin Henderson Sioux Falls, SD
17. 21AU Jordyn Brazier Sydney, NSW, Aust.
18. 5C Carson McCarl Altoona, IA
19. 84 Brandon Hanks Burlison, TN
20. 88 Scottie McDonald Porter, TX
21. 35L Cody Ledger Omaha, NE
22. 4J Lee Grosz Harwood, ND
23. 3P Sawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA
24. 3 Nate Van Haaften Otley, IA

Top 10 Points:
1. Clint Garner 483
2. Aaron Reutzel 473
3. Danny Lasoski 472
4. Calvin Landis 471
5. Tony Bruce Jr. 561
6. Bryan Clauson 461
7. Casey Friedrichsen 455
8. Jon Agan 452
9. Jamie Ball 452
10. Justin Henderson 450