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Knoxville Wrestlers Finish 5th At Southern Iowa Classic

Posted: Monday, January 29th, 2018 at 5:59 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS Sports-Derek Cardwell

The Knoxville Wrestling Squad finished fifth, and second among South Central Conference team at the Southern Iowa Classic on Saturday which put together teams from the Southeast Conference and South Central Conferences. The Panthers were able to get a first place medal from Matthew Landsperger at 195 pounds, a second place from Cody Ray Smith at 160 pounds, Coby Meyer had a third place at 170, and Chase Bellon took third at 220 pounds. The Panthers have one more dual meet at Pleasantville on Tuesday.

1 Fort Madison 179.0
2 Eddyville-Blakesburg 171.5
3 Mount Pleasant 157.0
4 Washington 126.0
5 Knoxville 114.0
6 Chariton 90.5
7 Keokuk 90.0
8 Albia 88.5
9 Centerville 84.0
10 Fairfield 83.0
11 Davis County 58.5
12 Clarke 35.5

1st Place – Matthew Lewis of Centerville
2nd Place – Corbin Broeker of Mount Pleasant
3rd Place – Elton Kruse of Fort Madison
4th Place – Caydn Hall of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
5th Place – Matt Collett of Washington
6th Place – Cohyn Roach of Fairfield

1st Place – Trestin Sales of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
2nd Place – Brayden Ackles of Mount Pleasant
3rd Place – Jonah Cooper of Fairfield
4th Place – Mason Schau of Fort Madison
5th Place – Tres Merydith of Keokuk
6th Place – Marcus Elam of Davis County

1st Place – Aden Reeves of Albia
2nd Place – Walker Ikerd of Washington
3rd Place – Tyler Landgrebe of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
4th Place – Dayne Cordray of Fort Madison
5th Place – Gabe Gordon of Knoxville
6th Place – Gannon Courtright of Fairfield

1st Place – Kayden Kauzlarich of Centerville
2nd Place – Ryan Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
3rd Place – Tayton Ricard of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
4th Place – Mason Allen of Fairfield
5th Place – Kameron Butler of Knoxville
6th Place – Parker Hardy of Clarke

1st Place – Gabe Ruepke of Chariton
2nd Place – Dillan Sanders of Washington
3rd Place – Barrett Bonnett of Albia
4th Place – Gage Moorman of Centerville
5th Place – Nathan Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
6th Place – Davan Goering of Davis County

1st Place – Dominick Morris of Albia
2nd Place – Alex Hanna of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
3rd Place – Matt Wyatt of Keokuk
4th Place – Dylin Harberts of Chariton
5th Place – Zach Barnes of Fairfield
6th Place – Colby Wilken of Clarke

1st Place – Sage Walker of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
2nd Place – Aaron Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
3rd Place – Nate Wallace of Mount Pleasant
4th Place – Adrian Hill of Chariton
5th Place – David Morris of Albia
6th Place – Peyton Cline of Fairfield

1st Place – Harlan Steffensmeier of Fort Madison
2nd Place – Wilston Wuthrich of Davis County
3rd Place – Kiowa Keith of Washington
4th Place – Jaden Davis of Mount Pleasant
5th Place – Eli Hamilton of Knoxville
6th Place – Alan Angle of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont

1st Place – Dakota Boyer of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
2nd Place – Cody Ray Smith of Knoxville
3rd Place – Dylan Jeffers of Keokuk
4th Place – Caden Hill of Davis County
5th Place – Garrett Boecker of Mount Pleasant
6th Place – Keaton Poe of Fort Madison

1st Place – Tristin Westphal-Edwards of Washington
2nd Place – James DeMeyer of Mount Pleasant
3rd Place – Coby Meyer of Knoxville
4th Place – Austin Haas of Fort Madison
5th Place – Mason Roberts of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
6th Place – Jonathan Bair of Clarke

1st Place – Collin Murphy of Washington
2nd Place – Brennen Bender of Mount Pleasant
3rd Place – Taven Floyd of Clarke
4th Place – Nyan Baker of Knoxville
5th Place – Clay Johnston of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont
6th Place – Lennon Barker of Fort Madison

1st Place – Matthew Landsperger of Knoxville
2nd Place – Zach Beason of Mount Pleasant
3rd Place – Austin Tibbits of Keokuk
4th Place – Alex Lauber of Fort Madison
5th Place – Reid Walters of Chariton
6th Place – Samuel Zaragoza-Rosales of Clarke

1st Place – Dalton Bass of Mount Pleasant
2nd Place – Tanner Murphy of Washington
3rd Place – Chase Bellon of Knoxville
4th Place – Brady Clark of Centerville
5th Place – Danen Settles of Fort Madison
6th Place – Louie Chickering of Davis County

1st Place – Brendon Lunsford of Fairfield
2nd Place – Jerry Glenn of Keokuk
3rd Place – Taylor Good of Chariton
4th Place – Dalton Mabeus of Fort Madison
5th Place – Lane Pierce of Albia
6th Place – Michael Currington of Centerville