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Knoxville Wrestlers Go 1-2 At Eddyville Quad

Posted: Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 5:59 am

The Knoxville Wrestling Squad went 1-2 at the Eddyville Quad last night. The Panthers lost to Albia 42-27, beat Chariton 51-30, and lost to the host Rockets 54-30. Chase Bellon, Joe Hollinrake, Cody Ray Smith, and Coby Meyer were triple winners. Knoxville is now 9-5 in dual meets and will travel up Highway 14 to the PCM Invitational on Saturday.

Albia 42
Knoxville 27
285: Chase Bellon (KNOX) over Lane Pierce (ALBI) (Dec 6-2)
106: Sangale Sangale (KNOX) over (ALBI) (For.)
113: John Skinner (ALBI) over (KNOX) (For.)
120: Aden Reeves (ALBI) over Gabe Gordon (KNOX) (Fall 1:10)
126: Michael Thomas (ALBI) over Kameron Butler (KNOX) (Dec 8-5)
132: Barrett Bonnett (ALBI) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (Fall 1:24)
138: Benny Leshen (ALBI) over (KNOX) (For.)
145: Dominick Morris (ALBI) over Nash Linsley (KNOX) (Fall 1:02)
152: Joe Hollinrake (KNOX) over David Morris (ALBI) (Dec 5-0)
160: Eli Hamilton (KNOX) over Stephen Conley (ALBI) (Fall 3:20)
170: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Jacob Fisher (ALBI) (Dec 5-0)
182: Coby Meyer (KNOX) over Drake McKim (ALBI) (Fall 2:37)
195: Ben Mason (ALBI) over Matthew Landsperger (KNOX) (Dec 8-5)
220: Jer McAninch (ALBI) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Fall 0:36)

Chariton 30
Knoxville 51
106: Ashley Gress (CHAR) over (KNOX) (For.)
113: Sangale Sangale (KNOX) over (CHAR) (For.)
120: Gabe Gordon (KNOX) over Trae Hall (CHAR) (Fall 1:18)
126: Kameron Butler (KNOX) over Michel Yefermenakov (CHAR) (Fall 0:54)
132: Gabe Ruepke (CHAR) over (KNOX) (For.)
138: Dylin Harberts (CHAR) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (Fall 1:09)
145: Adrian Hill (CHAR) over Nash Linsley (KNOX) (Fall 4:33)
152: Joe Hollinrake (KNOX) over Emmanuel Vahnenko (CHAR) (Fall 2:34)
160: Gavin Mills (CHAR) over Eli Hamilton (KNOX) (Fall 5:16)
170: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Logan Demichelis (CHAR) (Fall 0:51)
182: Ben Brewster (KNOX) over (CHAR) (For.)
195: Coby Meyer (KNOX) over Reid Walters (CHAR) (Fall 5:20)
220: Milo Johnston (KNOX) over (CHAR) (For.)
285: Chase Bellon (KNOX) over Taylor Good (CHAR) (Dec 3-1)

Knoxville 30
Eddyville-Blakesburg 54
106: Caydn Hall (EDBF) over Sangale Sangale (KNOX) (Fall 0:37)
113: Trestin Sales (EDBF) over (KNOX) (For.)
120: Tyler Landgrebe (EDBF) over Gabe Gordon (KNOX) (Fall 0:41)
126: Tayton Ricard (EDBF) over Kameron Butler (KNOX) (Fall 1:28)
132: Alex Hanna (EDBF) over Jax Bellon (KNOX) (Fall 1:03)
138: Alan Angle (EDBF) over (KNOX) (For.)
145: Sage Walker (EDBF) over Nash Linsley (KNOX) (Fall 0:38)
152: Joe Hollinrake (KNOX) over Brayden Black (EDBF) (Fall 1:01)
160: Dakota Boyer (EDBF) over Eli Hamilton (KNOX) (Fall 0:23)
170: Cody Ray Smith (KNOX) over Mason Roberts (EDBF) (Fall 0:37)
182: Coby Meyer (KNOX) over Seth Kargol (EDBF) (Fall 0:38)
195: Nyan Baker (KNOX) over (EDBF) (For.)
220: Blake Deevers (EDBF) over Milo Johnston (KNOX) (Fall 5:21)
285: Chase Bellon (KNOX) over Nolan Stetter (EDBF) (Fall 1:57)