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Marion County Beef Show Results

Posted: Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 3:28 pm

Beef Showmanship

Champion Senior Beef Showman: Max Hinners
Reserve Champion Senior Beef Showman: Lane Vanderlinden
Champion Intermediate Beef Showman: T.R. Putz
Reserve Champion Intermediate Beef Showman: Cody Metcalf

Cow-Calf Show

Champion Cow-Calf: Addison Wall
Reserve Cow-Calf: Colton Metcalf
Producer of County Raised Steer: Wall Farms
Reserve County-Raised Steer: Lane Vanderlinden

Market Beef
Champion Rate of Gain: Lane Vanderlinden
Reserve Beef Rate of Gain: Kaden McGill
Champion Market Heifer: Travis Mitchell
Champion Slick Sheer Beef: Lane Vanderlinden
Reserve Slick Sheer Beef: Kaden McGill
Champion Angus Heifer: Danika Park
Reserve Angus Steer: Trent Jolly
Champion Charolais Steer: Max Hinners
Reserve Champion Charolais Steer: Matthew Fallis
Champion Chianina Steer: Heston Irving
Reserve Champion Chianina Steer: Mackenzie Putz
Champion Hereford Steer: Silas Hoeing
Champion Maine-Anjou: Lane Vanderlinden
Champion Shorthorn Steer: Lane Vanderlinden
Champion Shorthorn Plus: Cameron Hiemstra
Reserve Shorthorn Plus: Lauren Phillips
Champion Cross Light-weight: Travis Mitchell
Reserve Cross Light-weight: Liam Jackson
Champion Cross Medium-weight: Ty Van Vliet
Reserve Cross Medium-weight: Michayla McGill
Champion Cross Heavy-weight: Deacon Boot
Reserve Cross Heavy-weight: Emma Yoder
Grand Champion Market Beef: Addison Wall
Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef: Lane Vanderlinden
3rd place: Max Hinners
4th place: Deacon Boot
5th place: Emma Yoder
Champion County Raised Steer: Addison Wall

Breeding Beef
Champion Angus Heifer: T.R. Putz
Reserve Angus Heifer: Lauren Philips
Champion Charolais Heifer: Clay Collins
Reserve Charolais Heifer: Clay Collins
Champion Chianina Heifer: Cody Metcalf
Reserve Chianina Heifer: Colton Metcalf
Champion Hereford Heifer: Austin Bishop
Reserve Hereford Heifer: Austin Bishop
Champion Main-Anjou Heifer: Austin Bishop
Reserve Main-Anjou Heifer: Heston Irving
Champion Shorthorn Plus: Riley Thill
Champion Simmental Heifer: T.R. Putz
Reserve Simmental Heifer: Reece Wallace
Champion Foundation Simmental: Heston Irving
Reserve Foundation Simmental: Reece Wallace
Champion Other Breeds Heifer: Madyson Thill
Reserve Other Breeds Heifer: Ty Van Vliet
Champion Crossbred Heifer: Ryder Thill
Reserve Crossbred Heifer: Silas Koenig
Grand Champion Breeding: Cody Metcalf
Reserve Grand Champion Breeding: Ryder Thill
3rd place: T.R. Putz
4th place: Riley Thill
5th place: Clay Collins
Champion County Raised Heifer: Ryder Thill
Producer of County Raised: Thill Farms
First Year Showman Award: Austin Bishop
Champion Prospect Calf: Addison Wall
Reserve Prospect Calf: Erin Nossaman