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The early years gave our cell phone customer the options of the “bag phone’ or the “brick phone”.  The common plan was $19.95 and you received 30 minutes of use.  Believe it or not this was a sufficient amount of minutes for most customers and they were thrilled to have it.  Features like text messaging, internet phone, face book, mobile to mobile, unlimited incoming minutes, were not only unavailable, but would have been viewed as ridiculously unnecessary.  “Why would anyone need a phone that takes pictures?”  The average customer was either a business person or someone considered “privileged”.  My, how times have changed.

Serving the area, as a locally owned U.S. Cellular agent since 1995, makes Central Cellular the areas oldest provider of cellular phone service.  Some of our leaders and sales associates have been with the company since its beginning.  The changes along the way have been phenomenal.

But this page is not about phones and the changes.  This page is about us; Central Cellular, and you, our customers.  More than that, it’s about “why us”.  It’s about why some of you have been Central Cellular customers from the beginning and why more of you are becoming customers at our stores daily.  You see, we know there are a lot of business’s doing the same thing we do.  For some it is all about how many people they can run through their doors in a day.  This is not our philosophy.  We view each of our customers as someone with a need who has come to us for a resolution and we are grateful when you choose our stores.  We work on building your trust and establishing a relationship that last far beyond a sale.  We know prices are important to you but you value your in store service as being equally or more important.  Giving more to our customers is important to us.  Whether it is more time, more service, better prices or a friendlier atmosphere, we want to give you more.  We know people will shop from business they know, like and trust.  We hope you will come get to know us so we can build that friendship and trust you deserve.

This business philosophy is something we are proud of at Central Cellular.  Nola Vander Streek and Barry De Jong work together to continuously encourage and promote this atmosphere among the managers and associates of Central Cellular. We could not be more proud of the employees we have working with us and know you will understand why, when you get acquainted with them.  So please, come get acquainted. Our store locations are on this site page.

Don’t forget, we want to offer you more.

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Most of all, thank you to all of our past and present customers for the friendships we have gained and for your part in making our business a success