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Swindell; Shaffer; Wolfe Pick Up Win Wins On Night 3 Of The Knoxville Nationals

Posted: Saturday, August 13th, 2011 at 6:01 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS Sports-Derek Cardwell


While a driver never has a goal of winning the Non-Qualifiers A-Main at the Knoxville Nationals, it does mean you have won an A-Main at the biggest sprint car race in the world. That is what Kevin Swindell did last night winning the A-Main on night three of the 51st Annual Goodyear Knoxville Nationals. Swindell passed Kenny Jacobs on lap five and set sail for the rest of the race. That was Swindell’s fourth win this season at the Knoxville Raceway. The night moved on to the Race of Champions and no one knew the starting lineup of that race until the Revenge Draw was conducted and When Danny Holtgraver gave Tim Shaffer the pole position, Shaffer took advantage and led all 25 laps, however 360 National Champion Shane Stewart charged from 17 to second and was only a couple of tenths behind Shaffer at the line. The final race of the night was the World Challenge, and Lucas Wolf got his first win at the Knoxville Raceway not being challenged and led all 20 laps, however Shane Stewart would power from 13th to second in the 20 lap event. The field is now set for Championship night of the Knoxville Nationals. Sammy Swindell is on the pole for the A-Main with Brad Sweet also in the front row. You can hear live coverage starting with Let’s Talk Racing at 12:30, Live Track Side at 5:30, and Race Night’s Live at 7:30 on KNIA/KRLS and streamed live at

Non-Qualifyers A-Main
1. Kevin Swindell
2. Lucas Wolfe
3. Kenny Jacobs
4. Jac Haudenschild
5. Chad Kemenah
6. Jonathan Allard
7. Brian Ellenberger
8. Roger Crockett
9. Danny Heskin
10. Scott Winters
11. Jason Sides
12. Ed Lynch Jr.
13. Danny Holtgraver
14. Toni Lutar
15. Mike Reinke
16. Austen Wheatley
17. Mike Moore
18. Chris Shirek
19. Todd King
20. Brian Montieth
21. Marty Perovich
22. Danny Lasoski
23. Ricky Logan
24. Seth Bergman
Lap Leaders: Jacobs 1-4, K. Swindell 5-22.


Race of Champions
1. Tim Shaffer
2. Shane Stewart
3. Kraig Kinser
4. Jason Meyers
5. Sammy Swindell
6. Donny Schatz
7. Lynton Jeffrey
8. Danny Holtgraver
9. Greg Hodnett
10. Danny Lasoski
11. Steve Kinser
12. Terry McCarl
13. Chris Shirek
14. Bill Balog
15. Johnny Herrera
16. Brian Brown
17. Wade Nygaard
18. Jonathan Allard
19. Brian Montieth
20. Billy Alley
21. Kerry Madsen
Lap Leader: Shaffer 1-25


World Challenge
1. Lucas Wolfe
2. Shane Stewart
3. Jason Sides
4. Jason Johnson
5. Lynton Jeffrey
6. Sammy Swindell
7. Jason Meyers
8. Jonathan Allard
9. Ian Madsen
10. Brooke Tatnell
11. Toni Lutar
12. Marty Perovich
13. Bruce White
14. Ricky Logan
15. Craig Dollansky
16. Cody Darrah
DNS Kerry Madsen.
Lap Leader: Wolfe 1-20.