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Suicide Awareness Run at Knoxville H.S. on Saturday

Posted: Friday, September 14th, 2018 at 4:54 am
Author: KNIA/KRLS News - Brian Adams

A 5K run to support suicide awareness and prevention is being held at Knoxville High School on Saturday morning.

“Your Life Matters” seeks to educate teens and the general public about the surge in youth suicides, and raise funds for programs which would target youths who are at risk.

The surviving families of those who have taken their own lives know all too well the pain which lingers for them; Scott Carr tells KNIA/KRLS News the death of his brother 17 years ago is still painful for him, especially since he and his loved ones didn’t realize there was a problem, and still don’t know exactly why he did it.

“I don’t know why; he was having problems, obviously — things now that we could see now that we didn’t see then. He was just going through a hard time, and I think it was just a quick reaction that…taking his life was gonna stop these problems. But they didn’t,” Carr says.

THRIVE Knoxville is co-sponsoring the event, and Michaela Bigaouette with the group says there isn’t a particular fundraising goal — the object is to reach out to teens and the community.

“We would like to really start targeting people in our community young, start talking about suicide, get experts in there that can talk about it with kids and hopefully reach those kids that need to be reached — those kids that maybe we don’t see, but they do. They know the things to say to motivate that kid to get help,” Biagoulette says.

Registration for the Your Life Matters 5K run and 1K walk opens at 8 a.m. Over 400 persons are registered to take part.